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DNS REVO 540 needles

DNS REVO  540 needles DNS REVO  540 needles DNS REVO  540 needles
Product name : DNS REVO 540 needles
Item : REVO
Details :

bioGenesis London  DNS REVO

The evolutionary device¨DNS REVO¨ will set new standards for all derma needling treatments and provide users with results never achieve before.

Galvanic implementation

Galvanic are are small pulse  of electric currents that simulates our body´s bio current. It has the incredible ability to enhance absorption of positive nutrients while also stimulating our skin cell to release high collagen doses for self healing and rejuvenation.

Through extensive R&D our skin scientists have succeeded in combining the positive effects of Galvanic current with skin needling treatment to form the basis of the new¨DNS REVO¨. Clinical tests have demonstrated astonishing results with synergy that is far beyond what traditional beautician tools can achieve.

Photon implementation

The¨DNS REVO¨ is equipped with an independent photon emitter with options of producing rays between the range of 470nm to 640nm. This added feature provides more options for the treatment and helps secure the incredible and long lasting effect( Photon colors are handle specific).

Red Photon increases the oxygen level of our skin and enhances cell activities.

Blue Photon is extremely effective at calming the skin after vigorous needling treatment.

Green photon is particularly effective at detoxing our skin and maintaining a healthy balance.

Yellow photon enhances the movement of our lymphatic system and improves the textures of our skin.

Sense implementation

SENSE is a vibrating feature which we have fine tune to optimal. The subtle vibrating pattern intensifies absorption and enhances the penetration of nutrient to our lower derma where it is most needed.



One set includes  one dermaroller body, two replaceable heads and one user manual.


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