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Golden spoon facial care machine

Golden spoon facial care machine
Product name : Golden spoon facial care machine
Item : G1
Details :


1. Helps skin absorb products for ultimate performance
2. Helps tone,soothe,decrease swelling and relax tension
3. Refreshes,invigorates and rejuvenates the skin,ant-aging
4. Cation and anion conduction, micro-current and heat penetration
5. Make skin color redish,clear and tight
6. Activate skin instantly,enhance its elasticity
7. Ion cleaning,skin whithening and red
8. Biology massage,improve black orbit
9. Microwave induction,lighten tiny wrinkle
10. Micro-current makes skin tight.blare and elastic
11. The operation head is plated by Titanium which offers excellent intimate contact with skin. It works well on regular skins and sensitive ones.
12.Portable and handy to use by applying high-quality rechargeable Lithium battery. No wire bothering you upon using it, easier to use for any portion of your body. Much more convenient to use it in any places.
13.DC low voltage output makes no safety concern upon operation.
14. Applying switching power offers you non-restriction to use it worldwide

1. Cleaning: Positive ion conduction + Microwave Vibration

2. Motion: Micro-current + hot penetration + microwave vibration

3. Nutrient: Anion Conduction + heat penetration

4. Lifting: Micro-current + microwave vibration


1. 40degree 

2. Ion voltage:+7V ~ +12V / -7V ~ -12V 

3. L x W x H (cm):26 x 17 x 7 

4. Power:5 W


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