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Nano Handy Mist

Nano Handy Mist Nano Handy Mist Nano Handy Mist
Product name : Nano Handy Mist
Item : N01
Details :

Nano Handy Mist is a portable instrument for deep skin care by adopting nanometer ion technology by which decomposes the water skin care product to the ion in 0.25-0.5 micrometer and fast penetrate into de basal cell layer of the skin so as to moisturize and tighten your skin. It will help your skin stay young!

1. Fashionable design.
2. Easy to take and use everywhere.
3. Nano technology application
4. Can be used for the care of the skin and hair
5. Excellent self-care product and gift.

Use Instructions:

1. Open the liquid storage tank cover and unlock liquid the plug.

2. Inject drinkable water or cosmetic liquid and fasten the plug.

3. Slide down the front part of the machine to connect the power

4. Spray 15 cm far away from the face

5. Please hold the machine vertically and the cosmetic liquid can reach the spray nozzle .

6. Please shake the machine slightly for several times before using the machine. If there is air between the spray nozzle and the cosmetic liquid storage tank, the spray fog cannot be produced.

7. Change the battery if you find the power insufficient.


1. It turns off automatically each time after 30 seconds spray. It is strongly suggested that slide back the front cover after it turns off automatically, as the remnant drops may block the spray nozzle. If it happens, please use soft tissue to clean it. Then it will work again.

2. Don't load oily liquid or liquid with granules or cream.




Tank volume :




Rate Voltage:

DC 6V(AAA 1.5 x 4)

Atomization quanity:


A set includes :

•1 × Nano Handy Mist (machine)
•1 × Liquid Storage Bottle
•1 × Bag
•1 × User Manual

(We recommend you to use rechargable batteries.)

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